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Did you know?

You can use different cloud providers simultaneously. ? For example, you may want to:

Store your data in AWS S3

Utilize the compute resources in Azure

Or Google Cloud

The only thing you need is to connect resources from different cloud providers.

intermediate routing services

ExodusClouds CloudNet Service is the right choice for intercloud connections.

fully redundant

Our fully redundant will enable you to utilize different resources from different cloud infrastructures of your choice.

50+ cloud providers

Connected infrastructure to more than 50 cloud providers


Why use ExodusClouds CloudNet Service?

Cloud Providers have special circuitry services for reliable and secure connections. To take the advantage of adopting multiple services from different clouds in an interconnected manner, one should have to deal with separate agreements, networks and resources at the same time.

With ExodusClouds you:

We will be the single point of contact for any problems or questions you might have

Our Software Defined Technology will give you the liberty of connecting to the clouds from where you are already

We will design and configure your connection end-to-end without any hassles