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Who we are?

We are a team of technology savvy idealists, who are dedicated to demystify the cloud for enterprises

We ease the cloud connectivity with our cloud and networking experts, partnerships with leading cloud connectivity providers and advanced technologies.


Usually, an enterprise, which needs to utilize private or public cloud resources, the first path is to connect via the Internet. However, there are better alternatives from cloud providers to enhance and optimize reliability, security, network traffic costs etc. The most common approach to use such connections is to connect to a connection provider through an ISP or be present at the same data center to connect to the connection provider directly. Both paradigms end up with problems like dependency to an ISP, high dedicated line costs, unnecessary colocation expenses and most importantly dealing with different clouds and connection providers under the hood.

What value we add?

At ExodusClouds, we provide you a large portfolio of clouds, services and seamless connections as your single point of contact

No more astronomical expenses for dedicated lines or colocation, no need to have experts internally to setup and troubleshoot connections.

Technical Assessment

We get all the burden from your back and let you free for your own projects.

SD-WAN Technology

With our SD-WAN technology, no more dependency to an ISP. We just connect you to your cloud from where you are already.

App awareness

Our application aware solutions provide you the best optimized traffic for your mission critical applications.



Simple, easy and hassle free